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What Types Of Wooden Beads Are Available?

There are lots of different types of beads available for jewelry makers including gemstones, clay, acrylic, glass and wooden beads. Within each type of beads, there are usually lots of different sub-classifications. This article will begin to explore the different types of these beads which are available for jewelry makers to use.

Whilst not all species of tree are suitable to make beads out of, there are a wide range of different woods which have been used to create wooden beads. These include olive, sandalwood, bamboo, apple, ebony, rosewood, bayong and many more. You will often find that beads from one type of tree are more common in areas where those trees grow naturally, whereas these beads may be considered to be a luxury in areas where these trees are less common. Different types of wood can be chosen based on their look, feel, grain or aroma.

Wooden beads from olive trees have a beautiful red hue to them, and the elegant grain is often attractive and wavy. Whilst younger trees produce softer wood, as the tree ages, the heart wood hardens a lot, and as the color darkens, the grain will usually develop more.

Bayong trees are most common in the Philippines and a lot of the wooden beads from this country are made of bayong wood. The wood is ideal for making into wooden beads because it is easy to work with and it is very hard-wearing. Most bayong trees have a very distinctive wood grain, which also makes the wood popular with jewelry makers. Whilst most jewelry makers prefer to keep their beads the natural warm red-brown color of the wood, it is possible to buy bleached or painted bayong beads.

Sandalwood wooden beads are light in weight and in color. They are a popular alternative for people who do not want a dark colored bead. These beads are also known for their pleasant aroma. In Hindu culture, sandalwood is often worn to give clarity and clear perception to the person who is wearing it.

Wooden beads which are made out of ebony are beautifully dark and dense. It is possible to get a form of ebony which has a very tight wood grain, where it appears as though two distinctive colors are running together. This can help to give the beads a unique banded pattern.

Rosewood wooden beads are a very heavy kind of bead which is dense and therefore ideal for jewelry making. These beads will often have a very fine, beautiful wood grain.

Painted beads
Beads which have been made out of a less distinctive type of wood are often painted, rather than left in their natural state. If you want to paint your own wooden beads, it is important that you use paint which is designed for use on wood, because wood is often very porous, and this could affect how the paint looks once it has dried out. Painting these beads allows you to have beads of almost any color.

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