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What Potential Buyers Look for in Communal Buildings

Apartments, flats, high-rises – whatever you want to call them – these days more and more people are choosing to call them home. You won’t find a city without them and for many they make total economic sense. Choosing to live in a block of flats as opposed to a house means you can often –

1. Get more for your money

2. Get a more central location

So what exactly are potential buyers looking for when it comes to buying a flat in a communal building?

First Impressions Count

Here’s the deal – buyers aren’t just focusing on the inside of the flat they’ve come to look at. They’ll be checking out everything about the communal building as soon as they set eyes on it. OK, so you can’t change much about the location apart from ensuring you’ve got well-tended communal gardens (if there are any), and the pavements are litter free. But what you can do is ensure you’ve got a great first impression to the actual building itself. This can start with the communal doors that lead into the main foyer.

Think about it, when we meet people, we make up our minds usually within the first five seconds. It’s no different with buildings. If you’re greeted by a shabby pair of communal doors you’ll already be turned off the idea of buying in this building. See a smart pair of freshly painted doors with clean windows, and perhaps framed either side by a potted olive tree and the impression you get is altogether different.


Buyers will also be checking out how secure the building is. Therefore, these doors that they encounter on the ground floor don’t just need to look good, they need to perform well too. These communal doors should carry certification to PAS 24. This ensures that they are ‘secured by design’ compliant. Anything that can help give your potential buyers peace of mind that they will be safe and secure in this building will help you make a sale.


All the property programmes on TV make a real point of ensuring your house smells welcoming. Whether that’s having a loaf of bread baking in the oven as your potential buyers arrive, or you’ve got a gorgeous bunch of flower scenting the room – you decide. However, while you’ve got control over how your own flat smells you don’t have much say about communal areas. If you can, ensure they are well maintained and litter free. Placing a few air fresheners in tucked-away spots can help combat unwanted odours, as can a couple of indoor plants.

Final Thoughts

So when it comes to making a positive impression on your potential buyers, think outside the box. While you certainly need to present your own flat to the best of your abilities by keeping it tidy and clean, you also need to check communal areas too. It can be a lot to think about so forward planning is always key, but with any luck you’ll make that great first impression and get the sale you want.

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