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Ways to Get Rid of Cold Sores – Effective Cold Sore Treatments

A cold sore is the herpes virus and can be stimulated by getting sick due to a poor immune system, UV sunlight or catching from another person. It can be frustrating as it often seems to appear right before something important such as a job interview, new date or work presentation. This makes sense in a way since stress can be a factor and these are situations that can create anxiety. Try to get rest before a big event coming up so your

immune system is strong. Sometimes dental work can stimulate a cold sore and I take lysine before I go as well as a multi vitamin now.

First of all there learn to sensitize yourself to the initial tingle so you can work on it immediately. It feels like a prickly feeling and if you’ve had a few you can notice it. This is before you’ll see an eruption or a slight bump on your body or lip.

Catching the tingles quickly is the best way to get rid of a cold sore fast. If you wait till it reaches the blister stage, it is already full-blown and in it’s ugly red inflamed appearance.Taking l-lysine internally is very good prevention, but if you’ve forgotten to do so, it is still worth taking it orally after you notice the tingle. Just as it’s easier to pull out a weed that is one inch versus six feet, the same with any health problem. The earliest stages are the easiest to uproot it.

Alcohol can be used to help dry it out. Some people use hydrogen peroxide but remember to wash this off. .Tea tree oil is good but remember that essential oils need to be diluted in a carrier such as olive oil.Some of had success using peppermint oil on a q-tip.

You can find on the web different people’s attempts to reduce the time of a cold sore but I suggest you read these with caution and look for medical agreement on these suggestions. For instance, one site suggests using a sterilized needle, nail polish remover etc. I do not suggest puncturing your skin nor using questionable ingredients. I’ve also read about putting antiperspirant on your cold sore. It is not intended for this purpose and since many cold sores appear on the lip, this can be ingested so it is not recommended. I’ve seen also people suggest nyquil and toothpaste There are natural systems that do work and are systematic which are worth pursuing. A plan is better than grabbing various foods and ingredients without a well tested and organized system.

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