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The Most Profitable Trees in Farmville

When it comes to earning most coins, the first thing that every Farmville player turns to is harvesting crops. But while you add additional items to your farms, such as trees, why not consider concentrating on some trees more than others to earn the maximum return from them?

Plant Your Seeds in Combinations

It is not a bad idea at all to plant some trees more than others to make the most of the coins they offer on harvesting. Trees come with a certain price and a rate of returns in term of coins.

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Among all the trees, Acai Tree offers the highest harvesting return of 158 coins, but its price is 27 Farmville cash, which is ridiculously high. Moreover, it is virtually impossible for new players to buy this tree anyway unless they get hold of some Farmville cash somehow.

As far as more feasible options are concerned, the best returns are offered by Olive Trees with 112 coins and Pomegranate Trees with 108 coins respectively. But the problem is that these trees can only be gifted, so even if you don’t receive them much, be kind enough to your friends to gift these trees every once in a while.

Among the trees that can be purchased from the market, and therefore offering you more control over their presence in your farm, the Lime Tree offers the highest return of 75 coins at the price of 750 coins. After Lime Tree, the most profitable tree is the Peach Tree, which offers 47 coins at the purchase price of 500 coins.

But You Don’t Really Have to Harvest Them…

Although it is a real bonus to benefit from your trees, as they can offer a decent return on harvesting, it is totally up to you to harvest them or to leave them the way they are just to make your farm look more attractive.

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