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*Plant Olive Tree* +Larger Olive Trees=Grow More+Olives 1st YR+

Learn how to plant and grow delicious olives. Ty Ty Nursery offers seven different types of olive trees, offering trees that produce green olives and/or black olives. You can grow bushels of your own olives, and save lots of money from your spending at the grocery store., The trees are cold hardy from zone 7 to 11. Olive trees planted in Columbus, Ga. during the exceptionally, very cold winter of 2014 showed no leaf damage at 10 degrees, and the very cold temperatures were below freezing for more than 48 hours. If you plant the olive trees in a container, you can move them inside during the winter, for those who live in the colder Northern States of New York, Pennsylvania and Illinois, or you can also plant them outside in your landscape as far south as southern Texas, Louisiana and Florida.

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