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Lessons Learned From "Jimmy Neutron"

Have you ever watched “Jimmy Neutron”? Jimmy is a boy genius who can do anything, such as make a rocket ship in a day, or change people into all sorts of things. He is the little hero. His parents are supportive of him, but they are goofy. Jimmy’s friends are devoted to him. His two best friends, and he, are different as night and day. They except each other just as they are. If they argue and become angry, they will end up forgiving each other.

Once when Jimmy was in school with his classmates, they were jealous of him for being the smartest kid in the room. He didn’t like that his friends were making fun of him. It is sad, but true in reality. Jimmy tried to make himself goofy like the rest of his friends, but it wasn’t his true self. He changed back and everyone ended up liking him better, because he helped save them all when he used his brain to prevent a disaster in the town.

Jimmy obviously loves and respects his parents. He listens to them, and never talks back to them. If they are in any danger he rescues them, and brings them safely back home.

The lessons I have seen are acceptance, forgiveness, love and concern for family and friends. These are important in our life, in order to get along with each other. Holding grudges or hating someone only hurts ourselves. Forgiveness is necessary to remain happy in a relationship. We all make mistakes, because we are human. We are not perfect.

This sounds simple, but, I figure if I want someone to forgive me, I must be willing to forgive them. Sometimes I can make the same mistake over and over. We all have weaknesses, along with our strengths. The apostle Paul in the New Testament in the Bible says: ” I do what I don’t want to do, and I don’t do what I want to do.” Does this sound familiar. It does to me. I make the same mistake over and over with my husband. I love him and want very much for him to forgive me, when I make mistakes. It’s not always easy. I’m not good with money, and he is. I’m trying to be more careful where and how I spend our money. I’m much better, but I still need to improve on it. I want to do the right thing like Jimmy Neutron does.

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