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Home Remedies for Impetigo – Natural Cures for Long Term Comfort

Are you looking for remedies for Impetigo that will give you long-term relief from this condition? Impetigo is a bacterial infection of the skin that is very common amongst toddlers and little children. This contagious condition results in blisters and sores on the skin and it is also highly contagious. Since this is a bacterial infection caused by Staphylococcus Aureus, a doctor will recommend a course of antibiotics to cure it. However, you might not want to expose your child to too many antibiotics and should consider alternative Impetigo treatments. The other advantage of using these natural cures is that they will give your child a lot of relief from these uncomfortable sores.

There are quite a few natural substances that will help you get rid of antibiotics and you should use them to get extra relief. Garlic is a very good example of a natural antibiotic and tea tree oil is another example. The simplest way to use garlic is to crush it before applying it your skin. However, you could also use garlic oil instead. Both these oils are easily available at any health food store. Myrrh oil and clove oil are also very effective against a variety of skin ailments. Do not use any of these oils directly on the skin because they might irritate the skin. Instead, you could put a few drops of oil in olive oil in order to apply it to the skin.

An Impetigo patient will find the big fluid-filled blisters very distressing and will want to scratch them. Calamine lotion and Vaseline should be applied to the skin of an Impetigo patient because they are very soothing and will provide a lot of comfort. You can increase their effectiveness by adding a little bit of garlic oil or tea tree oil. Another option is to infuse rosemary and thyme leaves in water and to bathe the affected area with it. An infusion of basil leaves is also effective.

Do not use any harsh soap on the skin while undergoing these home remedies for Impetigo. Soaps, especially perfumed ones, have a lot of artificial chemicals that will aggravate the skin further, causing additional breakouts of blisters. The skin should always be patted dry with a clean towel and all bed clothes and towels the patient has been in contact with should be washed in really hot water. These remedies are very effective and the patient will hardly suffer any discomfort.

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