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Gourmet Gluten Free Gift Baskets From California

Food is just about always a welcomed gift, especially for those who are gluten sensitive. Just imagine receiving a cheerful basket, artfully wrapped, and filled with delicious cooking items or snacks. This is a great gift hands down. Now imagine that all these foods are suitable for a gluten-free diet! This can be a terrific gift for any occasion. There are many food companies who are now making high quality, delicious gluten-free food items; gourmet, if you will. You just have to know where to look.

The idea of sending a gift basket full of items for cooking is just about the best! High quality olive oil is a great place to start. In many parts of California olive trees thrive, and there are many small artisanal food companies that are making superior quality olive oils. In San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties there is an abundance of outstanding olive oils being produced. For instance Homestead Olive Ranch in Templeton makes a delicious olive oil from Mission Olives. Carriage Vineyards in Paso Robles makes an excellent olive oil from the Arbequina olive. These can be purchased within a short time after being pressed, so they have a high concentration of the nutritional characteristics you want from olive oil. Try this in your next salad dressing!

California is the second largest rice growing state in the nation, and there are some excellent rice products from ‘The Golden State’. For instance, you will find several wonderful rice blends from Lundberg Farms in Northern California. Also Lotus Foods of El Cerrito has many outstanding rices, although many of theirs are imported heirloom varieties such as the Forbidden Rice imported from China. From Lundberg and other companies there are also many rice pastas; another staple for any gluten-free pantry.

If you like olives, try some of the fabulous tapenades available. There are the traditional olive tapenades made with capers, garlic and sometimes anchovies, and others that are made with a variety of vegetables such as artichokes, eggplants, red peppers and carrots. Hand to Mouth Edibles is a company in Los Angeles making scrumptious tapenades. Try their Green Olive Provençal. It is made with green olives, extra virgin olive oil, red bell peppers, capers, Italian parsley, carrots, garlic, basil, lemon juice, herbs de Provence, red pepper; all gluten-free. Tapenades make a delicious snack when spread on gluten-free crackers or bread. They are also a great addition to many recipes, and add a terrific flavor when mixed with rice, quinoa or pasta.

There are of course, many delicious gluten free snacks to be found. Lundberg Rice Chips are a most tasty snack and can be dipped into any tapenades or fabulous salsas. Whale Tail Tortilla Chips from San Diego are a delicious chip made with organic, non-GMO corn. From the Sun Flour Baking Company in the capitol city of Sacramento, you will find outstanding gluten-free cookies in a multitude of tantalizing flavors. C.J. Olson’s Cherries in Sunnyvale has an array of high quality dried fruits and nuts, as well as their tantalizing chocolate covered apricots and cherries.

These are just a few ideas for the superior ‘gourmet’ foods that would make a wonderful gluten-free gift basket. Food is always a welcomed gift. Gluten-free gift baskets are a terrific gift for anyone who enjoys delicious gourmet foods, and tries to live a healthy lifestyle.

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