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Are You a Paripathetic?

What the heck is a Paripathetic I wondered, when an acquaintance mentioned that he was one, and indicated that was different from that of a jogger or runner, but it turns out it isn’t much different. Indeed, a jogger that jogs along and has self discussions on philosophical topics or with another would be the running version of a paripathetic. Originally, the word dates back to ancient Greece, where famous philosophers would walk and philosophize. I am guess in the olive orchards and along trails overlooking the civilization.

Indeed, I suppose a long-distance runner is very similar to a paripathetic (often jogging past olive trees!) – only perhaps different, maybe even better due to the cadence of the footsteps, jarring of the body at a very specific and constant frequency nearing Delta waves in the brain, allowing for dual-thinking paths of dream-like brain waves, and hyper-aware brain waves due to other elevated bio-system rates; pulse, heart-beat, etc. – Maybe hiking, rock climbing + hiking, or a combination of all these is where such super genius creative level thinking can be had.

Now then, on considering this thought, what if we wanted to make everyone a paripathetic in our society, even those who were physically challenged, could we do that? Well, philosophically speaking yes, and this was my philosophical thought during my last jog. You see, what if you put an individual into a simulator, or a virtual reality like living room gaming situation, and thus, we would be triggering their mirrored neurons by doing this.

Or we could keep it simple and use subliminal sounds of walking through the forest on a trail, with birds chirping etc, and merely ask the participant to close their eyes, and envision themselves doing this activity, once per hour while working on complex problems? Or what if your walks became so second nature that your brain became formatted in this way?

Could you then think like a famous Greek Philosopher? After all, you’d be doing exactly what they did, and it seems to have worked for them, right? Think on this.

Now then, I hereby dedicate this thought and article to Agustin A. Corrales of Spain. He is an interesting person who brought this new word to my vocabulary, thank you for that. Agustin runs an online network for genius humans, and runs many websites supporting his mission to bring together brilliant human thinkers.

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