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Advantages of Using Natural Handmade Soap Vs Commercial Soaps

If you find your skin is regularly dry, itchy, uncomfortable, or irritated after a shower, you could have your soap to thank. Common commercial soap ingredients include both the everyday and the unpronounceable, with fragrance and glycerin listed right alongside sodium tallowate, sodium cocoate, pentasodium pentetate, triclosan, and trisodium etidronate.

Ingredients like Triclosan are not only irritating to many people’s skin; they are harsh on the environment as well. Sodium tallowate, the natural byproduct of beef fat mixed with lye, is probably not something with which you would deliberately use to scrub-a-dub! Ingredients like tetra sodium EDTA are known irritants.

Commercial soaps are often little more than harsh detergents with fragrance and with the occasional moisturizer added. These products can dehydrate and leave behind a residue that irritates the skin. Repeated exposure to these harsh detergents and artificial ingredients can sensitize your skin and leave it more vulnerable to environmental stresses. Although commercial soaps may succeed at getting you clean, they simply cannot compare to natural handmade soap.

Some companies offer natural handmade lye soap is made with pure shea butter, olive oil, aloe vera, essential oils, and wild-crafted organic herbs. Glycerin soap contains no artificial fragrances, preservatives, or dyes to irritate your skin. Instead, we add shea butter from the West African Karite tree, organic coconut oil, and other skin-loving ingredients to leave your skin soft and supple. When you choose our richly moisturizing castile soap bars made with pure olive oil and scented with the best essential oils, your skin will thank you for it.

No matter what your skin care need, there is a luxurious natural handmade soap to fulfill it. A Vitamin E and Aloe Vera soap is perfect for those with sensitive or compromised skin due to eczema or psoriasis, while a Tea Tree and Rosemary bar with its organic herbs is a great choice for oily or acne-prone skin. Try a delicious Tuxedo soap will gently smooth your rough spots with hand-ground Arabica beans, milk, and shea butter. Do you really want to suffer another day with dry, itchy, scaling skin when there is relief so easily found?

All natural handmade soap bars are made with a great deal of thought, care and with love. Commercial soaps are made en masse. Isn’t it time you pampered your body and your skin, as well as your loved ones, with bars of freshly cured handcrafted glycerin soap?

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